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PhD Student, Human and Social Dimensions in Science and Technology

I am very interested in the borders as liminal spaces, and how these spaces shapes human and nonhuman) lives. My main areas of knowledge are bioethics, political & social theory. Species boundaries, and their legislative ethical implications are particularly relevant in my research, for example, the ethics of human-animal chimeras, and also the violence and vigilance to humans as "animals", and what corresponds to the treatment of animals, and retroactively to humans. Border technologies align in liminal spaces where life is managed and secured, in nexus to humanitarian and humane initiatives. Since I am from Mexico, I grew up listening to many tragical stories from my friends and relatives as migrants in the United States, who were treated as "animals". I am interested in how ethics and political inquiry can elucidate a path to better questions about species boundaries and human/nonhuman well-being.

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